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Heavenly Seed Anderson South Carolina

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Heavenly Seed's mission is to provide quality seed and encourage the use of heirloom, organically grown, open-pollinated varieties, and varieties developed by agricultural experiment stations and the United States Department of Agriculture/ARS. Our Vegetable and Heirloom lists include vegetables, heirloom vegetables (many from the collection of Dr. David Bradshaw, Clemson University), herbs, flowers, pussy willow cuttings and sweet potato plants for spring planting. We are also offering seed of a number of varieties that have been organically grown. All varieties listed are open-pollinated unless designated "Hybrid." All products we sell are NON-GMO. We look forward to providing you with quality seed and timely information. Thank you for visiting our website (you can also follow us on Facebook). To contact us by telephone, please call (864) 650-5306 or email heavenlyseed@bellsouth.net.

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